March 6, 2018 9PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 Which of these is a common term for a very tall building? Air tickler Skyscraper Cloud sniffer
2 Spider-Man is known for flinging what from his wrists? Air freshener Webs Liquid cheese
3 The phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve” means what? Openly showing emotion Wearing bright patterns Having surgery
4 The skincare brand Aesop shares its name with a legendary what? Fabulist King Farmer
5 Which of these U.S. presidents was NEVER a vice president? Herbert Hoover Richard Nixon Gerald Ford
6 What was the nickname of the first manned airplane to break the sound barrier? Glamorous Glennis Spirit of St. Louis Project Rocket
7 During part of the Cold War, what city’s MLB team added the word “legs” to its name? Cincinatti Pittsburgh Boston
8 Which company’s 2012 smartphone included Beats Audio technology? Samsung Apple HTC
9 Which of these people has won the most Emmys for Outstanding Host of a Reality TV show? Howie Mandel Tom Bergeron Anthony Bourdain
10 The White Stripes named an album after an art movement co-founded by which artist? Gustav Klimt Piet Mondrian Pablo Picasso
11 Sprinter Justin Gatlin once ran a record-breaking 100 meter sprint thanks to what advantage? Industrial fan Running downhill Extreme high altititude
12 The author of which classic work was widely known for his hatred of the Eiffel Tower? Les Miserables The Necklace Waiting for Godot

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