March 7, 2018 3PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 Which of these refers to asking someone to an end-of-year dance? Planking Promposal Sip n’ See
2 How would you say “hello” in Mandarin Chinese? Sup dawg Ni hao Quemero Numero Uno
3 Which sports competition requires the participants to wear all white? World Series Super Bowl Wimbledon
4 Which of these newspapers was founded most recently? Wall Street Journal Washington Post USA Today
5 In diamond rings, what shape best describes a “princess” cut? Oval Marquise Square
6 Which of these reivers forms at least part of the boundary of four U.S. states? Rio Grande Delaware St. Lawrence
7 Which brand of sparkling water was commercially introduced first? Schweppes Perrier S.Pellegrino
8 What author is credited with coining the opening line, “It was a dark and stormy night”? Edward Bulwer-Lytton Edgar Allen Poe Mary Shelley
9 Which of these people NEVER served time at California’s Folsom Prison? Johnny Cash Suge Knight Timothy Leary
10 What type of tutu was designed for Balachine’s New York City Ballet? Romantic Pancake Powder Puff
11 Which Supreme Court Justice’s portrait has NOT appeared on official U.S paper currency? John Marshall Salmon P. Chase William Taft
12 Lady Godiva allegedly disrobed and rode a horse through the streets to oppose what? Taxation French influence Religious decree

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