March 26, 2018 3PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize Amount: $5,000

Winners: 730

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 Trees often grow from what? AstroTurf Seeds Peanut butter
2 A common type of hair tie covered in fabric is known as what? Scrunchie Munchie Lunchie
3 The word “fortnight” literally means what? Nighttime battle Tomorrow night Two weeks
4 “Bollywood” is a portmanteau of what city and Hollywood? Bombay Boca Raton Boston
5 In which type of exercise class would you most likely use a reformer? Zumba Pilates Spin
6 Which of these is an acronym used to remember the mathematical order of operations? EMPADS SADMEP PEMDAS
7 Which of these films would be considered a “Pygmalion” story? Romeo + Juliet She’s the Man She’s All That
8 Which of these countries built a city shaped like a First Lady’s facial profile? Argentina France North Korea
9 The payment company Square has a board member who runs what fast food chain? Shake Shack Five Guys In-N-Out
10 Amtrak trains do NOT stop in which of these places? Glacier National Park Langley, VA Niagara Falls
11 The first U.S. hotel to offer room service is now part of what hospitality chain? Hilton Four Seasons Starwood
12 The stage name “Chubby Checker” was selected in homage to the performer of what song? Blueberry Hill Roll Over Beethoven Rock Around the Clock


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