February 27, 2018 9PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 The time a baby spends lying on its stomach is commonly known as what? Tummy time Time to make the dounts Vegas, baby, Vegas!!!
2 Which of these is the most common color for lab coats? White Pantone Midnight Navy Rose gold
3 By definition, a hypoglycemic person would be most helped by which of these? Hot bath Orange juice Long walk
4 The shore of Utah’s Great Salt Lake is home to a famous piece of what kind of art? Replica cave painting Earthwork sculpture Large-scale watercolor
5 The core of a No. 2 pencil consists mainly of clay plus what chemical element? Carbon Lead Tungsten
6 Pope Clement VIII officially sanctioned the drinking of what? Wine Gin Coffee
7 Which golfer shares his nickname with the symbol of a major California university? Greg Norman Byron Nelson Jack Nicklaus
8 Which creature is known for being poisonous, as opposed to being venemous? Pickerel frog Box jellyfish Black mamba
9 Which of these songs did NOT appear on the Backstreet Boys album “Millennium”? Larger than Life I Want It That Way As Long As You Love Me
10 Physicist Stephen Hawking’s Breakthrough Initiatives project is focused on what? Alien life Time travel Artificial intelligence
11 Which of these is NOT a real part of a sewing machine? Lapse knob Throat place Feed dog
12 In which state must sellers of a “haunted” house legally disclose that it’s haunted? New York  Massachusetts California

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