February 28, 2018 3PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 Before voicemail, what was used to record messages from missed phone calls? Answering machine Washing machine Rage Against the Machine
2 Marie Antoinette is infamous for allegedly saying “Let the eat” what? Bone broth Cake Cronuts
3 Thanks to a classic poem, which of these birds symbolizes a burden? Blue jay Magpie Albatross
4 What did Ivan Pavlov famously condition his dogs to do? Sit Bark Salivate
5 Which of these is a real weather phenomenon? Starbow Nightbow Moonbow
6 The founder of Sriracha was born under what Vietnamese zodiac sign? Rooster Ox Dragon
7 Wyatt Earp has NOT been portrayed by which of these actors? Patrick Swayze Kurt Russell Kevin Costner
8 The key ingredient that gives “golden lattes” their color is native to which country? India Turkey Spain
9 Which of these countries first permanently stopped minting the penny? United Kingdow Canada Australia
10 Which NFL team inscribed its name in diamonds on its SUper Bowl rings? Rams Patriots Cowboys
11 Which actor has a daughter who became British nobility? Tony Curtis Patrick Stewart Gerard Depardieu
12 In the ’90s South Korea, which game would you have played on the Super Aladdin Boy? Crash Bandicoot Super Mario World Sonic the Hedgehog

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