February 28, 2018 9PM

Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
As your coach might tell you, there is no “I” in which of these? Team Minivan Baked ziti
What color is the outside of an American school bus? Blue velvet Purple rain Yellow
What does the phrase “alma mater” lierally translate to? Seize the day Nurturing mother Favored institution
Which of these numbers would be considered a good FICO credit score? 98 760 990
Which city’s NBA team name is also a term for male ballet dancers? Cleveland Boston Milwaukee
In professional bull riding, riders will NOT be disqualified for what? Touching Letting go the rope Losing their hat
Which of these words is an example of an isogram? Redivider Roentgenization Regulations
Who was the first person to win a Tony, Oscar and Emmy in one year? Whoopi Goldberg Rita Moreno Bob Fosse
In the Bible, what does God tell Moses to remove before approaching the burning bush? Cloak Hat Footwear
Which of these is the name of Canadian equivalent to Punxsutawney Phil? Wiarton Willie Qu├ębec Quentin Saskatoon Samantha
What did the 21 stripes in the original Breton shirt represent? Napoleon’s victories French seaside regions Arrondissements in Paris
Who famously wore J-Lo’s iconic Grammys Versace dress before J-Lo did? Madonna Sharon Stone Geri Haliwell

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