March 1, 2018 9PM

Host: Sarah Pribis

Prize: $2500

Winners: 47

Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
As Ali Baba discovered, what password opened the den of the forty thieves? Open sesame Oh, snap Let’s get in formation
Which of these is a system widely used to teach reading? Wild histrionics Microelectronics Phonics
Which of these animals can turn into a moth? Maggot Caterpillar Centipede
Which of these universities has the oldest marching band? Notre Dame Princeton Harvard
Around the world, which of these is NOT a common term for ziplining? Flying fox Foofy slide Flid streak
Which of these words is a term used in dentistry? Mesiodens Tridentata Dentifera
What weather term describes ice crystals that seem to fall from a cloudless sky? Flenches Mares’ tails Diamond dust
A town in West Texas is home to a permanent art installation depicting which of these? Prada Kleenex Coca-Cola
Which actor has NOT played Inspector Clouseau? Michael Caine Alan Arkin Roger Moore
Which Canadian clothing brand was founded by Americans? Aritzia Lululemon Roots
The boys who inspired “Peter Pan” were cousins of the author of what novel? Rebecca To the Lighthouse The Portrait of a Lady
Which classic toy was introduced before Vin Diesel was born? Nerf ball Guess Who? Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

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