March 18, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $25,000

Winners: 0

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 Which of these is a German clock with a bird inside? Honey Boo Boo clock Cuckoo clock Biological clock
2 Which of these is an optional section on the SAT standardized test? Hot yoga Laser tag Essay
3 Which article of clothing is also the name of a stinging insect? Pink jeggings Red sweatpants Yellow jacket
4 What classic family game is played using sixteen dice with letters on the faces? Perquackey Scattergories Boggle
5 Which of these is NOT an ingredient in a traditional Chicago-style hot dog? Heated ketchup Yellow mustard Sweet relish
6 Which term is often used to describe overly ornate, flowery writing? Blue prose Purple prose Violet prose
7 In the tech world, the acronym “IoT” typically stands for what? Internet-Only Telephone In/Out Transfer Internet of Things
8 What traditional stew inspired the 1930s invention of the slow cooker? Gumbo Goulash Cholent
9 What is the only U.S. state home to two Ivy League schools? New York Massachusetts Pennsylvania
10 The defunct channel Court TV briefly owned what popular website? The Smoking Gun SCOTUSblog
11 The Marivin Gaye hit “What’s Going On” featured backup vocals by members of what team? Kansas City Chiefs Detroit Lions New York Jets
12 In the U.S., light intensity is often measured with a unit named what? Hand-lamp Foot-candle Head-touch
13 Which of these monuments lends its name to a common domestic chicken breed? The Alamo Plymouth Rock Lincoln Memorial
14 Which of these was NOT a phone made by Blackberry? Electron Atom Quark
15 Which NBA player co-starred in a follow-up to “Ernest Goes to Jail”? Shaquille O’Neal Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Dennis Rodman
16 Before his invention, the creator of acrylic nails worked professionally with what? Teeth Eyes Hair
17 The first flag of which state contained the Latin for “don’t touch me”? Delaware South Carolina Alabama
18 Which company is listed on both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ-100? IBM T-Mobile Intel
19 Which of these is NOT the name of a geographical feature on the Moon? Foaming Sea Sunset Sea Sea of Waves
20 What was the prime reason for the 14th-century leadership crisis in the Catholic church? Rival popes Emperor Charlemagne Thirty Years’ War
21 Which fashion designer did NOT graduate from the prestigious Central Saint Martins? Riccardo Tisci Zac Posen Olivier Rousteing
22 Which skin mark is most likely to come and go with the seasons? Rhytides Ephelides Lentigines
23 Which of these is traditionally a layer in a Nanaimo bar? Ice cream Whipped cream Butter icing
24 Which of these films does NOT share a name with a NASA space probe? Juno Stardust Prometheus
25 Which of these authors has a supermodel granddaughter? Antoine de Saint-Exupery Maurice Sendak Roald Dahl
26 Which of these animals is NOT known for being able to reproduce without a male partner? Komodo dragon Hammerhead shark Mata mata turtle
27 Which character appears in the Shakespeare play whose title comes first alphabetically? Octavius Caesar Bertram Adriana

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