March 25, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $50,000

Winner: 1

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 In an old legend, what did Arthur pull out of a stone to become a king? Sword Bird’s nest Fat stacks
2 What is the predominant keyboard layout in North America? QWERTY FLIRTY THRIVING
3 A popular board game is titled “Chutes and” what? Leopards Ladders Lawyers
4 Neopolitan ice cream gets its name from a city in what country? Italy Germany Canada
5 What fashion brand’s logo depicts a woman famous for her fierce appearance? Versace Chanel Gucci
6 By definition, a skinflint is someone who does NOT like doing what? Wearing clothes Spending money Speaking in Public
7 What do camels primarily store in their humps? Fat Water Salt
8 What author of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” also created what literary character? Mary Poppins Winnie the Pooh James Bond
9 The dinosaur genus Zuul gets its name from what film franchise? Jurassic Park Land Before Time Ghostbusters
10 In which of these would you most likely find a wet cell battery? TV remote control Laptop computer Cellphone tower
11 Which of these terms is a common bicycle part? Lawyer lips Fireman fingers Trainer toes
12 In his first-ever video game appearance, Mario had what profession? Chef Carpenter Plumber
13 Which of these ’80s movies earned an Oscar nomination? The Karate Kid Risky Business The Breakfast Club
14 Which of these vice presidents served under a president carved on Mount Rushmore? Henry Wallace Hannibal Hamlin Elbrdige Gerry
15 Which of these was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame first? Wiffle ball Game Boy Rubik’s Cube
16 Which university’s marching band has a giant instrument that used to be radioactive? U of Chicago Purdue U of Texas
17 The element lutetium gets its name from an old name for what European city? London Paris Helsinki
18 Facebook’s first logo featured the actor who played which of these characters in a filam? Tony Stark Cameron Winklevoss Carlito Brigante
19 In 2017, what publication revived the first U.S. newspaper written and edited by women? Chicago Tribune New York Times Washington Post
20 Which of these major Hollywood films was shot in Toronto? L.A. Confidential Gangs of New York Chicago
21 Which two U.S. states’ capitals are located the farthest apart from each other? Florida / Maine New Mexico / Indiana Alaska / Oregon

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