March 26, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 What type of card is typically used to make purchases at stores? Credit Blockbuster Birthday
2 What hairstyle is named for a part of an animal? Horseholder Bowl cut Ponytail
3 Which of these is a common type of node in the human body? Nymph Lymph Dymph
4 In the U.S., what code can you dial to make yourphone number private? *69 *67 *65
5 In the U.S., a trial without a jury is known as what? Blank trial Bench trial Mistrial
6 In English, the Chinese term for paparazzi literally translates to what? Laser focused Puppy squad Buzzing insects
7 Which of these is NOT a “Little Critter” book title? Just a Mess My Summer Vacation I Was So Mad
8 In the Austin Powers film, what type of cat was Mr. Bigglesworth before his cryogenic freeze? Siamese Persian Sphynx
9 What Edgar Allan Poe poem allegedly lends its name to a U.S. Air Force facility? Dream-Land The Raven The Haunted Palace
10 Which state is home to what is considered the deepest lake in the U.S.? Minnesota Michigan Oregon
11 Which of these films earned the dreaded “thumbs down” from Roger Ebert? Full Metal Jacket Demolition Man Junior
12 Which of these technological breakthroughs was invented by a man? Windshield wipers Kevlar Aerosol can

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