March 5, 2018 9PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 Which of these is a popular form of live comedy? Stand-up Run-around Lie-down
2 Where us carpeting most commonly installed? Floors Walls Roofs
3 Which planet is famous for its massive and picturesque rings? Venus Saturn Mercury
4 Which pair of countries can be found on the Horn of Africa? Egypt / Ethiopia Ethiopia / Eritrea Eritrea / Egypt
5 Which of these words likely came into English through Yiddish? Glitch Ritzy Kerfuffle
6 Where on the body would you find the manipura chakra? Over the belly button Within the heart Between the eyes
7 Nerf balls were initially marketed as the world’s first what? Safety ball Indoor ball Baby ball
8 San Francisco’s Waldo Tunnel was renamed in 2016 after a noted what? Actor Politician Athlete
9 Which Baby-Sitters Club member was NOT included in the film version? Jessi Logan Abby
10 The part of a book disclosing its publication info is known as what? Propindex Colophon Rectograf
11 In western media, what are astronauts from China called? Taikonauts Sinonauts Spationauts
12 Which of these is NOT an official Tetris sequel? Wordtris Maptris Welltris

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