March 5, 2018 3PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 Which piece of clothing is meant to protect your head from the cold? Earmuffs Giant clock necklace Toe socks
2 What are candles commonly made out of? Old legos Greek yogurt Paraffin wax
3 What form of singing was historically used to communicate between mountaintops? Yodeling Opera arias Gregorian chanting
4 Rumspringa is a rite of passage among which of these groups? Mormons Jehovah’s Witnesses Amish
5 Which of these is a synonym for the opposite of a financial bull market? Ursine market Taurine market Porcine market
6 Which of these animals is technically a fish? Porpoise Orca Whale shark
7 Basketball was invented in the U.S. state that is also home to which of these islands? Hilton Head Hatteras Island Martha’s Vineyard
8 A famously counterintuitive logic puzzle is named for what game show host? Bob Barker Richard Dawson Monty Hall
9 Which company proivded audio equipment that helped Disney produce “Fantasia”? Bang & Olufsen Hewlett-Packard Dolby Laboratories
10 Which nation does NOT have land on the island of Borneo? Malaysia Indonesia Myanmar
11 Which Billy Joel album opens with a sound effect that’s appropriate to its title? Storm Front Turnstiles Glass Houses
12 Which of these words can NOT be typed exclusively using one row of a QWERTY keyboard? Powertripper Typewriter Pirouetted

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