March 6, 2018 3PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer
1 Which of these are typically used to help motorists see the road better? NBA highlights Turkish delights Headlights
2 Which if these is a traditional ingredient in soap? Lye Greed Deception
3 By definition, an ambulatory person is what? Walking Making sounds Hospital bound
4 What name does Marlon Brando famously yell in a 1951 film? Laura Stella Marge
5 Which of these island chains is in the Atlantic Ocean? Marshall Islands Falkland Islands Svalbard
6 When it comes to math, which Greek letter is typically used to represent an angle? Kappa Lambda Theta
7 Madonna was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by the singer of which song? Crazy in Love Toxic Cry Me a River
8 When microwave ovens were first sold, they were named for what technology? Laser Radar X-ray
9 Which of these Emmas has a tattoo of a drawing by Paul McCartney? Emma Watson Emma Thompson Emma Stone
10 New Jersey native John Taylor is credited with creating what processed meat product? Slim Jim Frank ‘n Stuff Pork Roll
11 Which of these contributed to John McEnroe’s infamous Australian Open ejection? Loose racket tape Crying baby Bird on the court
12 Which of these items could FDR have used before he was president? Beer can Scotch tape Ballpoint pen

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