February 5, 2018 9PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 A spork is a utensil that combines what two things? Spam/pork Sponge/cork Spoon/fork 11252 6602 1195538
2 On a compass, what does the letter N typically stand for? Norbit North Nordic 1905 1181100 1437
3 In 2017, what did Twitter do to its 140-character limit on tweets? Double it Halve it Reduce it to 15 978234 73173 44421
4 What popular corn chip loosely translates to “little golden things” in Spanish? Tostitos Fritos Doritos 245416 491763 181903
5 U.S. air traffic controllers refer to the plane the Pope travels on by what official call sign? Sheperd One Il Papa Air Vatican 73802 25097 59969
6 What zodiac sign features a creature that defends itself with an aculeus? Cancer Sagittarius Scorpio 8303 36388 27869
7 Who was the first U.S. president to enjoy indoor plumbing at the White House? Millard Fillmore Andrew Jackson John Adams 13469 11124 4140
8 From 2000 to 2002, what MLB team’s stadium was named for a company that no longer exists? Angels Rays Astros 2152 3348 5743
9 The lunar module for the Apollo 10 moon mission was nicknamed what? Eagle Beagle Snoopy 2634 1236 2082
10 Which public radio program is hosted by the cousin of multiple Oscar-nominated composer? This American Life Fresh Ar All Things Considered 981 459 757
11 After Prince Edward Island, what is Canada’s most densely populated province? New Brunswick Ontario Nova Scotia 135 605 289
12 An extremely impolite guest at a Nixon family wedding went on to write under what nom de plume? Dorothy Dix Miss Manners Dear Abby 76 81 154

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