February 6, 2018 9PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 In the classic fairy tale, who is Little Red Riding Hood’s enemy? Big Baller Brand Big Lebowski Big Bad Wolf 4871 5919 1191636
2 Pantene Pro-V and Garnier Fructis are popular types of what? ShamWow Shampoo Champagne 7957 1149512 21414
3 A bed that folds up into the wall is commonly known as what? Sully Bed Fitzy Bed Murphy Bed 122431 33036 980733
4 Which of these colleges does NOT have a physical location? Electoral College Deep Springs College Hampshire College 850192 54244 65975
5 Which of these desserts is often made with ladyfingers? Tiramisu Magdalena Financier 686253 125582 32426
6 Which of these is a real illness that affects rabbits? Ruffles Fluffles Snuffles 228211 107915 346286
7 The Doors are named after a famous essay by the author of what iconic novel? Lolita On the Road Brave New World 85877 125949 136220
8 Which TV news host once wrote about his first date with Monica Lewinsky? Jake Tapper Van Jones Chris Hayes 57070 32409 50589
9 The famous German phrase “Sturm und Drang” comes from what? Poem Novel Play 18967 13455 26787
10 In which African country is English NOT the official language? Sierra Leone Liberia Chad 9287 7044 11308
11 Which ‘90’s movie is an anagram of the original book title which the film is based on? Free Willy October Sky Jumanji 1368 4862 5462
12 Which legendary music producer is closely related to former President Jimmy Carter? Jeff Lynne Brian Eno Berry Gordy 908 1048 3116

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