February 7, 2018 9PM

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 “Fro-yo” is short for what? Frolicking yokels Frozen yogurt Frog yoga 5222 1125594 5990
2 In Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar,” what phrase does the titular character say to Brutus? Et tu Brute? Use my HQ code “Caes” ya later 930728 4814 55632
3 What is the name of a Japanese art form that features trees grown in containers? Kawaii Bonsai Manga 22346 880699 21888
4 What college football team’s chant is also likely to be heard on a farm? Arizona Razorbacks Ole Miss Rebels Penn State Lions 417807 351552 63067
5 What legendary “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West” star had a negative-sounding nickname? Annie Oakley May Lille Martha Jane Cannary 236579 72456 102589
6 Where did Bernese Mountain Dogs originate? Myanmar Switzerland Afghanistan 25489 71475 11228
7 Which fashion designer is grandmother to a literal princess? Diane von Furstenberg Rei Kawakubo Vivienne Westwood 44808 6970 19222
8 Not counting the UK, what European country has the busiest airport? Germany France Spain 18831 20218 6190
9 Which film features the same kind of talking animal as the Old Testament book Numbers? The Lion King Finding Nemo Shrek 15343 1716 3647
10 Which of these posts was Constance Baker Motley Not the first African-American woman to hold? NY state senator US House Representative Federal judge 979 1375 1742
11 In which country is GeoCities still up and running? Canada Japan Australia 259 641 550
12 Before the lyrics are sung, how many finger snaps are heard in the “Addams Family” theme song? 12 snaps 6 snaps 8 snaps 103 224 323

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