March 11, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $25,000

Winner: 1

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 Which of these gadgets is designed to help you wake up? Nose trimmer Shake Weight Alarm clock 3522 4559 1848014
2 In a 1952 musical, Gene Kelly was “Singin’ in the” what? Drive-thru Rain Rocky Mountains 25899 1777756 26283
3 In which of these games do you tell the game’s name when you win? Bingo Checkers Chess 1757936 4165 5089
4 What is the name of the artistic logo renderings that appear on Google’s homepage? Google Dudez Google Doodles Google Doodads 20812 1581907 121356
5 In which of these places do brides traditionally get temporary tattoos of grooms’ initials? India Mongolia New Zealand 1017274 285984 249157
6 In a standard deck of playing cards, which king is holding an axe and facing sideways? King of Diamonds King of Hearts King of Clubs 292225 309039 390872
7 When used in cookbooks, maceration typically means doing what to food? Slicing it Searing it Softening it 82713 48160 180443
8 Which women’s college basketball team saw its record 111-game win streak snapped in 2017? Tennessee University LSU UConn 20749 35584 126355
9 In which of these movies does the bootstrap paradox play a key role? 12 Monkeys Alien Gravity 60949 21235 44322
10 Which of these Robin Williams characters is a real person? Daniel Hillard Patch Adams T.S. Garp 4257 53693 4900
11 Which of these clothing companies went public first? Hermes Hugo Boss Ralph Lauren 10840 12618 30299
12 The host of the first season of “Top Chef” was once married to whom? Bobby Flay Billy Joel Salman Rushdie 3723 4718 5359
13 Which of these is a real Ivy League secret society? Pacifica House Serpent Club Cross and Bones 448 1029 3524
14 Which of these condiments was created by a monarch’s personal chef? Sriracha Grey Poupon A.1. 92 266 228
15 The first player featured on the cover of “Madden NFL” primarily played what position? Wide receiver Quarterback Running back 73 60 111
16 In the King James Bible, Job worries about the taste of what food? Manna Fish Egg whites 22 36 18
17 In the Styx song “Mr. Roboto,” the narrator’s brain is made by which tech company? Xerox IBM Yamaha 8 9 9
18 Ross Perot once provided a $3 million credit line to help establish which chain? GameStop Mills Fleet Farm LongHorn Steakhouse 1 5 3

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