March 23, 2018 3PM

Host: Sarah Pribis

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 26

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 Which of these activities is considered a form of aerobic exercise? Napping Jogging Tweeting 7290 599984 2576
2 In “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” what was Mr. Rogers’ first name? Agamemnon Fred Frodger 6703 567113 15247
3 What type of appliance is typically used to brown slices of bread? Toaster Immersion blender French press 552943 2184 6628
4 What is the official name of the large structure in the center of Chicago’s Millennium Park? Chicago Bean Silver Nugget Cloud Gate 293394 93091 140456
5 Which of these is a distinctly Tibetan form of greeting? Slow nod Touching foreheads Sticking out your tongue 40790 87724 15733
6 What did Darwin consider “one of the most wonderful” plants in the world? Weeping willow Bird of paradise Venus flytrap 2490 3047 12316
7 Which of these legendary pieces of furniture was designed by a married couple? La-Z-Boy Eames Lounge Chair Aeron chair 6699 3890 1477
8 The composer for the “South Park” movie also provided music for which film? Minions Hairspray BASEketball 1214 1257 1639
9 Which of these was NOT invented by the same company as the other tow? Nexcare Blister Bandages Band-Aid Ace bandages 345 394 579
10 Which sauce did chef Marie-Antoine Careme’s name as one of his original “mothers”? Bechamel Hollandaise Tomato 214 171 58
11 Which news anchor claims he once got into a minor car crash with a U.S. president? Geraldo Rivera Larry King Dan Rather 51 62 107
12 Which city did Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen NOT travel to in their straight-to-video oeuvre? Sydney Salt Lake City Milan 19 26 26

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