March 28, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $250,000

Winners: 12

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 What festive term also describes a hidden feature in a video game? Easter egg Halloween candy bucket Christmas sweater vest 2234717 55801 30721
2 In the Spielberg film “E.T.”, what does E.T. stand for? Extra Terrestrial Enchilada Thief Earl Torgeson 2202638 5653 15639
3 What classic ’80s TV character was an alien from the planet Melmac? ALF Alex P. Keaton MacGyver 1895073 89814 194499
4 Which of these is NOT an example of a redundant acronym? PIN number ATM machine PEZ dispenser 384612 388791 1058086
5 Which of these stars famously performed at the Berlin Wall before it began to fall? Bruce Springsteen David Hasselhoff Roger Waters 545170 342064 216390
6 In the Eurythmics’ debut hit video, what color was the lead singer’s hair? Orange Blonde Pink 243927 101446 239473
7 In the book “Ready Player One,” the hero’s spacecraft is named after the author of what novel? The Shining A Scanner Darkly Breakfast of Champions 99364 103846 59967
8 Closely tied to “perestroika,” what does the Russian word “glasnost” mean? Economics Restructuring Openness 11717 37244 27004
9 Which of these songs does NOT feature an elaborate synthesizer solo? “Jump” by Van Halen “Subdivisions” by Rush “Atomic” by Blondie 7470 11745 10114
10 In an early scene in “WarGames,” Matthew Broderick grabs a textbook off of what arcade game? Dig Dug Galaga Zaxxon 3589 6287 1457
11 The founders of which of these startups has more Twitter followers than Mark Zuckerbeerg? DropBox WhatsApp Box 1004 2620 334
12 A crystal egg plays a key role in an ’80s film that had what working title? White Boys Off the Lake A Boy’s Life Spaceman From Pluto 200 182 120
13 Which of these nations shares its border with the most countries? Austria Bolivia Mali 92 50 71
14 The creator of the first video game Easter egg shares his name with a lead actor in which film? Stand by Me Pee-wee’s Big Adventure Ishtar 29 37 29
15 In “Dirty Dancing,” what does Patrick Swayze say right after declaring, “Nobody puts baby in a corner”? Nobody Ready? Come on 13 4 12

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