March 29, 2018 9PM

Host: Sarah Pribis

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 754

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 According to the old song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” life is but a what? Dream Massive phoenix tattoo Bitcoin scam 1033387 3826 2496
2 By definition, a person who cuts hair is often referred to as what? Birder Bugbear Barber 2568 2319 1019267
3 Which of these music genres peaked in popularity during the 1970s? Doo-wop Disco Rap 29954 951105 25325
4 Which of these animals provides a key ingredient in traditional mayonnaise? Sheep Chicken Cow 50488 509463 375587
5 In professional wrestling, bad guys are called “heels” and good guys are known as what? Hands Faces Torsos 214657 226128 67496
6 Which of these cat breeds gets its name from an island in Asia? Balinese Persian Siamese 67700 36359 125388
7 Who made the gmaing console that indicated a breakdown with the “red ring of death?” Sony Nintendo Microsoft 12412 14394 46282
8 The director of “Mad Max: Fury Road” also directed which of these movies? Borat Live Free or Die Hard Babe: Pig in the City 5860 18893 20445
9 Which of these people is NOT an inductee to the Internet Hall of Fame? Tim Berners-Lee Al Gore Steve Jobs 2227 11432 7626
10 The U.S. founding father famous for his experiments with electricity was born in what city? London Boston Philadelphia 3036 2549 2723
11 According to Guinness World Records, the hit single containing the most words was recorded by what artist? Eminem Krayzie Bone Busta Rhymes 1134 633 1116
12 The Smart Car started as a collaboration between a car company and what? Watchmaker Website Travel guide 754 154 348

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