March 31st HT

We HQ-Ts will be singing Hallelujah tomorrow while we hunt for eggs and prepare ourselves for the $75,000 grand prize. Though host Sarah Pribis did seem caught off guard when she announced tomorrow night’s microwaved-marshmallow-bunny sized jackpot, all can agree that she dealt a great game of trivia today. ‘HQunamatata’ is one of the all time great puns and could become a hallmark of Pribis’. You have to respect the no-nonsense approach Sarah brings to the game. She lines you up 12 questions and lets you knock ’em all down. Sprinkle in a pun or two for transition between Q’s and you’ve got yourself a Pribis-approved game of HQ.
Happy (almost) Easter!
ps. For those of you who were channeling their inner Bailey family voices when reading the first sentence (daddy, how do you spell ‘hallelulajah’) – yes, I did butcher the first spelling, and yes, I did need to google it.

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