April 5, 2018 3PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 400

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 Humorous clips and mishaps in radio, TV and movies are known as what? Bloopers Chump-ups Squeeblets 37968 379944 187826
2 The Golden Globe Awards are put on by what association? Harlem Globetrotters Hollywood Foreign Press Justice League 33955 723016 8385
3 According to the cartoon’s theme song, what made Clifford the Big Red Dog so big? Acromegaly Radiation Emily Elizabeth’s love 30705 98136 570091
4 Which of these is a device designed to help measure the speed of wind? Anemometer Odometer Kilometer 448071 101230 10005
5 Which of these MLB teams is one of only two located in the Moutnain Time Zone Minnesota Twins Arizona Diamondbacks Kansas City Royals 109671 251518 61238
6 Before leaving office, what president’s staff removed dozens of W’s from White House keyboards? Bill Clinton Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan 123640 72719 46692
7 Which of these words is considered contronym? Waste Dart Seed 42806 40087 41399
8 What curious shappe has NASA observed on the planet Saturn’s most northernmost point? Dodecahedron Hexagon Triangle 14777 19785 8059
9 Which of these movies did NOT win an Academy Award for best original song? Footloose Flashdance Dirty Dancing 6582 6783 6771
10 In the 1990s, a Texas county designated what as its official phone greeting? Howdy Heaven-o Ahoy-hoy 5162 1196 747
11 Which of these desserts gets its name from a very old term for “small sausage”? Cobbler Pudding Trifle 262 633 563
12 The Declaration of Independence was Not Signed by which of these people? John Adams Josiah Bartlett George Washington 70 191 400

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