March 20, 2018 3PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 396

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 In the U.S., a massive amount of gold is kept where? Frozen food aisle Fort Knox Louisiana swamplands 6932 622654 22979
2 By definition, what type of singing is usually done without any instrumental accompaniment? Piano recital A capella String quartet 9276 596900 6815
3 Which of these is the name of an actual room on the White House? China Room Balloon Room Yoga Room 478680 78059 31632
4 What is the name for a word that came directly into English from another language? Theftword Giftword Loanword 95445 190253 178561
5 What is the official language of the tiny nation between France and Spain? Catalan French Open Spanish 123091 33220 24253
6 Technically, all licensed U.S. dentists are also officially what? Orthodontists Dental surgeons Private practitioners 31086 46999 42873
7 Which of these people is most likely to have a mutation in their melanocortin-1 receptor? Julianne Moore Jon Hamm Lucy Liu 17357 8670 20881
8 Which of these teams won a Stanley Cup before the NHL was founded? Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins Toronto Maple Leafs 8041 3729 6201
9 Which of these television shows was NOT based on a British series? Say Yes to the Dress Wife Swap Trading Spaces 3758 2775 1709
10 The terms of Amazon’s web services contain a clause regarding potential attacks by what? Zombies Google Underage hackers 2447 467 1001
11 What distinction does airline Handley Page Transport have? First inflight movie First to serve a meal First to check a bag 758 1083 606
12 Which of these famous TV judges got their start in criminal court? Greg Mathis Judy Sheindlin Joe Brown 208 519 396

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