March 19, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 66

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 The Girl Scouts hold an annual fundraiser by selling what? Bootleg DVDs Stock tips Cookies 2233 2624 1001563
2 Which of these is a popular breakfast item served with maple syrup? English eggie weggies Swedish House Mafia French toast 3932 2270 978653
3 Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia flavor is a pun on the lead singer of what band? Grateful Dead Phish Rolling Stones 622291 78837 252698
4 Which of these basketball terms is also a measurement of computer performance? Flops Dunks Dimes 307066 227962 69256
5 What phrase completes the old English rhyme that begins, “Something old, something new”? May your loveĀ  be true A single bond for two A sixpence in your shoe 141864 49223 93339
6 Which of these dogs falls into the American Kennel Club’s “Working Group”? Golden retriever Collie Boxer 25098 64708 7733
7 Which of these long-ago empires originated in North Africa? Carthaginian Ottoman Byzantine 4605 2975 2619
8 Jane Morgan was a nom de plume for the author of which of these works? Wuthering Heights Last of the Mohicans Jane Eyre 1568 2019 997
9 Once a body of water, which of these regions is now dried out? Aral Sea Caspian Sea Lake Balkhash 1293 221 669
10 In the Bible, which son of Jacob has the same mother as Joseph? Benjamin Levi Simeon 570 369 340
11 Which of these is NOT the nickname of a World Darts Champion? Limestone Cowboy Deadly Boomerang Pinpoint King 251 191 169
12 Which of these words is believed to come from a European dice game? Shenanigans Tomfoolery Hijinks 123 38 66

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