March 14, 2018 3PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 1501

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 Which is a typical room in a suburban home? Bedroom Foundry Corral 783557 7524 4873
2 Which haircut are male recruits most likely to get after joining the Army? Beehive Buzzcut Bouffant 5202 766072 2604
3 To calculate the mathematical constant pi, divide the circumference of a circle by its what? Diameter Crust Area 625541 3591 108820
4 Which vessels draw blood away from the heart? Capillaries Arteries Veins 85874 387069 141113
5 Which of these is most likely to be worn in a traditional Bavarian outfit? Dirndl Dashiki Dhoti 150951 138269 91201
6 Which of these groups was initially created to stop currency counterfeiting? Dept. of Defense Homeland Security Secret Service 21763 53666 75267
7 In a 2000 film, Ed Harris played a painter most closely associated with what art movement? Cubism Impressionism Abstract expressionism 14009 27223 32774
8 “The cake is a lie” is a catchphrase originating in what hit video game? Portal Bioshock Minecraft 16557 8309 8232
9 Which is generally NOT a business expense you can claim on U.S. federal taxes? Commuting to work Advertising Ballpoint pens 7545 6725 2242
10 What African country has a capital named for a U.S. president? Liberia Ghana Togo 5320 1461 1046
11 Which of these sports has the most players per team? Women’s lacrosse Australian football Rugby union 859 2255 2228
12 What phrase does NOT appear in the lyrics of the rock classic “American Pie?” Dirges in the dark Barefoot servants Fists of rage 326 1501 479

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