March 15, 2018 3PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $2500

Winners: 273

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 Which of these is a planet in our solar system? Krypton Tilted Towers Mars  3896  2473  704362
2 A common metaphor for an unpleasant subject is having what animal “in the room”? Scorpion Rattlesnake Elephant 18031 35051 639153
3 Which letter of the alphabet often acts as either a consonant or a vowel? X Y Z 18778 606385 6165
4 Among U.S. state capitals, what is unique about Vermont’s? Only French name Farthest north Least populated 181157 138138 258405
5 The term “head of household” specifically refers to what type od taz-form information? Exemption Deduction Filing status 30188 39511 185562
6 Scottish Fold is a variety of what? Kneading technique Crenellation Domestic feline 92236 36074 55519
7 Which of theses video games is an example of an augmented-reality game? Pokemon Dash Super Mario Run Ingress 15642 11358 27812
8 “Posse cut” is common terminology in what profession? Beautician Animation director Record producer 5012 8249 14657
9 Which of these places is geographically classified as an enclave? Luxembourg San Marino Liechtenstein 3736 7152 3842
10 Which of these people is NOT credited as one of the discoverers of calculus? Isaac Newton Gottfried Leibniz Carl Friedrich Gauss 2344 1818 3029
11 What nation’s unit of currency shares its spelling with a past-tense English verb? North Korea Qatar Afghanistan 877 1411 799
12 What legendary singer has a son who has directed a Will Ferrell movie? James Taylor Bob Dylan David Bowie 231 273 452

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