April 10, 2018 3PM HT

preamble – Today is now officially, “Trivia Tuesday”. New host, new slogans,  “Show that gives you dough for what you know.” I wonder if Scott just calls out and then the CEO has to get someone last minute to fill his shift…

Qumero numero uno- wow! I misclicked on Q1 and was one of the 5,328 who went with ‘History lecture’! When will HQ let you changes your answer? I wonder if it is difficult to write that into the code? If it was, and I was in charge, I’d pretend like we intentionally make you stick with your first answer to add some intensity to the game.

Q2- 10% misses on Q2 is above average.

Q3- I would’ve liked this question better if they put the answer choices in the same order as a red, yellow, green traffic light. Instead, they had a random jumble of answers.

Q4- usually savage, but not today…

Q5- Would not of thought orhcioette was correct answer

Q6- who could forget Beeker and his (or her) ‘meep meeps’? On the subject, how crazy is it that they had a Swedish chef who is super insulting to Swedes?

Q7- Little late in the game for a savage question. Interesting that so many people missed a question which was loosely based on the very popular diamond.

Q8- Who’s more relevant now? Marx brothers or Three Stooges… I bet they hated each other…

Q9- Great question! MAIL! It took a second – MONE looks like a word but, alas, it is not… yet … languages evolve

Q10- Colorado seems like the obvious answer, but I imagine they would be tricky with this one. New Mexico does strike me as high altitude, but c’est la vie.

Penultimate question – C. Everett Koop must have made a killing off of those Life Alert commercials.

Q12- A nice call back to Carpenter’s reference to “HQ UK”  in the preamble. When will HQ make time zone friendly games for the non-USA HQties?

Prizes – That’s enough for a ham sandwich!

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