April 11, 2018 4PM

Hosts: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $300,000

Winners: 83

Q# Question First Answer Second Answer Third Answer # of First Answer # of Second Answer # of Third Answer
1 What do candles on a birthday cake traditionally represent? Number of friends Age Love of fire 7655 2189523 3542
2 Which of these Georges was a US president? George Washington George Jefferson George Clinton 2138760 14927 17846
3 On what “day” at the gym would you focus on your quadriceps muscles? Arm Day Leg Day Rest Day 391789 1693338 9198
4 When gorillas walk, they put pressure most directly on what part of the hand? Fingertips Knuckles Palms 40133 1571828 91510
5 The biggest lake in the US borders which of these states? Illinois Iowa Wisconsin 673000 141410 710226
6 What land animal holds the Guinness World Record for the largest mouth? Hippopotamus African elephant Bengal tiger 699935 44571 23601
7 Where is the largest sawgrass prairie in North America? Montana Arkansas Florida 329678 206575 159334
8 Which of these scientists is credited as the first to give her subjects names instead of numbers? Margaret Mead Dian Fossey Jane Goodall 38818 37881 116383
9 Which of these best describes the symbol for “NOT” in American Sign Language? Crossed forearms Index finger to nose Thumb under chin 50785 20817 41200
10 Measured by magnitude, the largest recorded earthquake in US history hit what city hardest? San Francisco, CA Los Angeles, CA Anchorage, AK 20804 4672 19992
11 Which of these is NOT a word in the gene-editing acronym CRISPR? Palindromic Repeats Sequence 9136 7948 4212
12 Koko the gorilla is famous for doing which of these things? Knowing her birthday Meeting a US president Keeping a pet 974 848 3527
13 In the original “Rampage” arcade game, which monster’s face is NOT featured on the title screen? Gorilla Lizard Werewolf 453 1430 1661
14 According to ancient Rome’s iconic epic, what hero was hidden inside the Trojan Horse? Hercules Ulysses Achilles 29 288 369
15 Which of these synonyms for “big” traces its roots to the biggest country on Earth? Behemoth Gargantuan Mammoth 90 123 83

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