April 15, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $25,000

Winners: 14

1 Cardiology is the scientific study of what? Cardi B Fake IDs The heart 10622 5258 1829437
2 The monkey “Curious George” was known to spend time with a man wearing what? Yellow hat Green boots Brown coat 1723988 27703 50703
3 College football’s most prestigious award is named for which person? Tim Tebow Baker Mayfield John Heisman 90908 104658 1513312
4 Which of these is one of the three branches of the US government? Intelligence Judicial Military 55687 1384271 66232
5 The word “panda” is thought to come from the official language of what country? Mongolia China Nepal 379302 730970 252765
6 Which of these structures is the tallest? CN Tower Empire State Building Eiffel Tower 155062 106951 29119
7 What was the official name of the longtime default digital assistant in Microsoft Office? Clippit Mr. Clip Clippie 31720 50624 74472
8 The name of the company behind the first video game console translates in English to what? Leave luck to heaven Great voice Hit the target 8929 6902 20263
9 Which of these rappers for their name from the Wu-Tang Name Generator? Lil Uzi Vert SZA Childish Gambino 1924 2089 3861
10 Which of these numbers is closest to the square root of one-half? One-half One-fourth Three-fourths 660 1838 1439
11 Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” features a reference to what 19th-century author’s most famous work? Nathaniel Hawthorne Charlotte Bronte Jane Austen 428 468 615
12 The subject of what “Grease” song returned for the film’s 1982 sequel? Sandy Greased Lightning Beauty School Dropout 101 128 254
13 Which of these classic games was co-created by a female programmer? Centipede Frogger Galaga 74 106 81
14 A native speaker of Sammarinese is most likely to speak what other language? Hindi Italian Welsh 21 40 18
15 Which of these actresses has NOT had multiple movies reach No. 1 in the same calendar year? Emma Stone Michelle Rodriguez Zoe Saldana 14 14 11

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