April 17, 2018 3PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 648

1 Kendrick Lamar just became the first hip-hop artist to win what prestigious prize? Pulitzer Lime Seltzer Wolf Blitzer 731475 38857 53978
2 What material is NOT typically used to make shopping bags? Paper Porcelain Plastic 11818 705889 6457
3 Which of these is considered a percussion instrument? Saxaphone Oboe Timpani 99201 87005 509847
4 What phrase describes a student-athlete taking a break from playing to extend their eligibility? Blueshoeing Redshirting Whitehatting 39302 397628 59026
5 The constellation Cassiopeia is typically said to resemble what letter? D W F 64396 262588 65259
6 Which of these boxing weight classes is the lightest? Bantamweight Featherweight Super lightweight 76939 161809 22090
7 What common condition is technically described by the word borborygmus? Shin splints Ingrown toenail Stomach rumbling 9089 24555 44007
8 Which of these states’ ZIP codes begin with the largest digit? Montana Connecticut Alabama 31028 7436 5650
9 Which comic book character is NOT from the same fictional universe as the other two? Casper Sabrina Spellman Archie Andrews 11903 7097 11426
10 A museum in which city contains more works by Rodin than any other outside of Paris? Brussels London Philadelphia 3801 1700 6772
11 Used in countless films, the “Wilhelm Scream” sound effect was originally meant to sound like what? Woman stepping on tack Boy scared by ghost Man bit by alligator 2559 1883 2024
12 What writer once treated a dog bite by cauterizing the wound with a hot poker? Ernest Hemingway Virginia Woolf Emily Bronte 1014 526 648

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