April 17, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 987

Payout: $5.07

1 Money that you get back from your tax return is known as what? Rebate Cheese plate Golden tate 1170661 4024 5920
2 In what popular kid’s game is the objective to avoid being “it”? Tag Tug Todd 1149826 6418 5116
3 What does the “cell” stand for in cell phone? Cellulose Celluloid Cellular 2017 3579 1138317
4 What does the Spanish phrase “te quiero” mean in English? I love you Can I have Here you go 588215 324098 197499
5 “She answered fast as lightning” is an example of what? Simile Allegory Metaphor 288902 25638 266281
6 Which of these fish would most likely be used to make imitation crab meat? Pollock Salmon Tilapia 174786 28994 84214
7 A common type of rounded shirt collar is named for a character in which author’s novels? HP Lovecraft JM Barrie CS Lewis 34243 64319 71784
8 Which of these terms best describes the 1990s murals of acclaimed artist Kara Walker? Monochrome Computer-generated Miniature 38812 12001 14316
9 An international reading room straddles the boundary between Canada and which US state? Washington Michigan Vermont 12847 12869 13029
10 Which of these literary works was entirely dictated? Paradise Lost Les Miserables Ulysses 4659 2996 5935
11 Which fashion designer has NOT served as the creative director for a zero-calorie cola? Ralph Lauren Marc Jacobs Karl Lagerfeld 1781 1512 1612
12 In the Kidz Bop version, what artist’s breakout hit features the line “Trying to get a little bit silly”? Kesha LMFAO Robin Thicke 987 451 410

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