April 18, 2018 3PM


Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 1036

1 On a film set, what term is used to signal the end of shooting? That’s a wrap! Ta-da! Whoopsies! 979571 14718 3111
2 The MLB World Series determines the winner of what sport? Tetherball Foosball Baseball 6360 10394 945860
3 Which part of a book is also part of the human body? Page Cover Spine 3359 6845 923712
4 Important for nutrition, what word typically describes the omega-3 acids found in fish? Fatty Silky Lumpy 882333 22604 7708
5 Which of these words can have a different spelling depending on the gender it is describing? Brown Bouffant Blonde 59131 246137 542199
6 A standard roulette wheel goes up to what number? Two score Three dozen Half a gross 110020 348836 75033
7 What art technique gets its name from words meaning “light” and “dark”? Chiaroscuro Tenebrism Dalle de verre 148266 79760 115031
8 Which of these desserts is an example of a toponym? Boston cream pie Upside-down cake Ladyfingers 25494 80777 42809
9 When Leonardo DiCaprio yelled “I’m the king of the world” in “Titanic,” where was Kate Winslet? Beside him Elsewhere on the ship In front of him 1072 2252 3980
10 What does it mean for earth to be at its aphelion? Closest to the sun Solar eclipse Farthest from the sun 2554 329 6193
11 Measured by total area, which of these nations is the largest? Mali Mexico Mongolia 612 2285 3235
12 Which of these singers was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame first? Diana Ross Tina Turner Aretha Franklin 651 847 1036

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