April 18, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5,000

Winners: 9066

1 Which of these is often worn during a sporting event? Hockey fez Cowboy balaclava Baseball cap 12638 6632 1133835
2 Which home appliance is traditionally used during the summer? Furnace Space heater Air conditioner 4577 2971 1117212
3 According to the USDA, which of these is part of the dairy food group? Eggs Juno Breakfast sausage Cheddar cheese 236917 5817 858713
4 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are all named after famous Italian what? Cities Artists Pastas 25231 815649 14448
5 The English logician John Venn is today most known for a type of what? Equation Diagram Riddle 112950 586997 104468
6 What classic video game series is set in a land known as Hyrule? Final Fantasy The Legend of Zelda Pokemon 114567 439692 25451
7 Which sport’s playing field has the smallest total area? NHL rink NBA court FIFA soccer field 129354 300312 6499
8 According to the title of a famous Robert Frost poem, nothing can stay what color? Gold Green Blue 152669 91698 55750
9 Which of these is the name of an American car model AND a Mac operating system? Sierra Mountain Lion Mustang 103955 16863 32577
10 A turkey vulture will protect itself from predators with what particular method? Defensive vomiting High-pitched screeching Hiding inside carcasses 54056 29029 19078
11 When written in English, which of these nations’ capitals has more vowels than consonants? Pakistan Norway Vietnam 15711 16398 20807
12 The most recently ratified amendment to the US Constitution concerns what issue? Lawmaker salaries Presidential successions Voting rights 9066 5036 7290

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