April 19, 2018 3PM

Host: Sarah Pribis

Prize: $5000

Winners: 530

1 Which of these is a common type of building? Skyscraper Sky Ferreira Skywalker 742723 2359 5725
2 Typically, what kind of sauce is on a cheese pizza? Glue Tomato Paint 1257 733060 723
3 Which of these words is also a common term in arithmetic? Discord Dissolution Division 15684 20258 687812
4 Which of these is a real zodiac sign? Equinox Taurus Nova 6262 673577 3680
5 Which Reese Witherspoon movie has gotten a Broadway musical adaptation? Election Walk the Line Legally Blonde 9256 104183 548931
6 As quoted on a US gov’t website, who said that income tax is “the hardest thing in the world to understand”? Albert Einstein Warren Buffet Steve Jobs 82492 295352 115508
7 The name of the facility for mentally ill foes on Batman is taken from a story by what author? HG Wells HL Mencken HP Lovecraft 41211 14047 30684
8 A 2017 hack of the “Harvard Crimson” front page made fun of what celebrity? Malia Obama Mark Zuckerberg Natalie Portman 6149 18756 6162
9 Which of these insects is typically heaviest by far? Giant weta Goliath beetle Rhinoceros cockroach 4013 10203 4532
10 Which gulf is NOT located at the northern end of the Red Sea? Aden Aqaba Suez 2932 2049 5383
11 Who was appointed to the US Senate despite being too young to legally serve? Henry Clay Sr. Stephen A. Douglas John C. Calhoun 741 973 1362
12 The first streaming-only album to win a Grammy takes its title from a kind of what? Liqeur Children’s activity Aristocratic position 155 530 147

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