April 23, 2018 9PM

Host: Sharon Carpenter

Prize: $5000

Winners: 1155

1 In 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man to do what in under four minutes? Run a mile Respond to my text Row across the Atlantic 1025877 11485 103077
2 A catchy ong is sometimes referred to as what? Hair tarantula Face-spider Earworm 37068 40662 931794
3 Which of these is another word for “another word for”? Zimmerman Synonym Cinnamon 3797 918625 4638
4 The longest side of a right triangle is called what? Hypotension Hypothalamus Hypotenuse 12442 44202 854769
5 You would find a cloaca in the digestive system of which of these animals? Caterpillar Chameleon Chimpanzee 387063 274809 164209
6 Which singer’s daughter was once the creative director of French fashion house Chloe? Steven Tyler Paul McCartney David Bowie 87529 123041 64161
7 Which of these religious movements was founded by a woman? Jehovah’s Witness Christian Science Rastafari 43833 49547 30620
8 Which of these celebrities is NOT mentioned by name in LFO’s Summer Gilrs? Michael J. Fox Macaulay Caulkin Vanilla Ice 16668 16591 16595
9 Which of theseĀ  countries relies on nuclear power for more than 75 percent of its electricity? France Russia Japan 4933 2998 9476
10 Charles Darwin was born on the same exact date as which president? Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln Theodore Roosevelt 978 3130 1120
11 In which of these novels is the first word the same as the title? Lolita Frankenstein Dracula 2024 626 501
12 Which TV show faced critical backlash after a controversial turn-of-the-millennium hairstyle change? Sex and the City Friends Felicity 205 692 1155

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