April 25, 2018 3PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5000

Winners: 1052

1 The duration of a pregnancy is usually measured in what? Laughter Trimesters Cups of decaf 7323 773987 3973
2 Which of these is most liekly to cause hair static? Peeling an orange Eating too much tuna Taking off a sweater 3767 4479 755968
3 Which of these shapes has the most sides? Hexagon Pentagon Rhombus 610653 93894 39882
4 Which of these would be considered a peccadillo? Tardiness Idenitfy Theft Kidnapping 316272 177191 104054
5 Which of these terms refers to a popular type of wooden board for decorating? Shiplap Boatcull Craftpanel 162741 27851 122307
6 The 20th century US Supreme Court Justice Marshall was born with what first name? Thoroughly Thergood Thoroughgood 3380 113454 41834
7 The game now known as laser tag began as a 1979 toy inspired by what franchise? Star Trek The Jetsons Doctor Who 25410 13986 3437
8 The designer of the Louis Vuitton Multicolore monogram has also created album cover art Drake Kanye West The Weeknd 4631 16956 3643
9 In the film version of “Matilda,” which Olympic sport did Miss Trunchbull compete in? Pole vault Fencing Javelin 2190 4153 10601
10 A massive 2017 hit bu Selena Gomez sampled a ’70s song with what memorable lyric? Qu’est-ce que c’est You drive us wild If I was a sculptor 5945 3090 1034
11 Which of these creatures is NOT represented by a professional Japanese baseball team? Dragon Carp Lizard 1180 1294 3530
12 Denver’s Union Station once banned which of these things? Whistling Wearing red Kissing 1688 863 1052

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