April 26, 2018 9PM

Host: Scott Rogowsky

Prize: $5000

Winners: 1286

1 Which is a common flavor of toothpaste? Mint Salt Mayonnaise 1012752 2491 1093
2 What is a derisive name for a large, generic suburban home? Piazza Hut Burger Realm McMansion 63489 45468 873244
3 Which of these is a food that vegans would eat? Spinach Strip steak Tuna salad 858735 2535 6741
4 Which of these US states is part of the Delmarva Peninsula? Arkansas Maryland Arizona 99664 663662 73675
5 Thanks to its density, which of these elements is the heaviest? Lead Silver Aluminum 571797 64790 23394
6 Which of these terms refers to avoiding tasks by pretending to be unable to do them? Aversion therapy Strategic incompetence Method acting 223049 306049 25631
7 What school shares its name with a character from the legends of King Arthur? Emory University Notre Dame Columbia University 144910 116634 40968
8 Which of these artists has NOT recorded a song based on “Wuthering Heights”? Annie Lennox Kate Bush Celine Dion 24298 30185 63293
9 The Theridion grallator is a Hawaiian spider famous for what distinctive pattern on its back? Smiley face Ice cream cone Mickey Mouse ears 16202 3321 6189
10 Which Canadian author wrote a book nobody will be able to read until the next century? Alice Munro Margaret Atwood Yann Martel 1548 7964 6597
11 The only dwarf planet in our solar system’s asteroid belt is named for a goddess of what? Wisdom Agriculture Dawn 3825 1654 2599
12 Rumored to be made of unicorn horns, the throne chair of Denmark is actually made of what? Horse bones White quartz Narwhal tusks 228 345 1286


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